Burma, Especially Its Children – Post 8: What About Infants and Toddlers From Lower-Income Families?

Infants and toddlers of lower-class families don’t go to daycare – that’s not an option their parents can afford. Infants and toddlers may stay with a grandparent.

Bagan, Burma, Myanmar. Phwar Saw Rural Village.

However, young children often go to work with their parents.


Mandalay, Burma, Myanmar. Zedgyo Market

They grow up sitting around the family business with their moms or dads.

Mandalay, Burma, Myanmar. Zedgyo Market

Mandalay, Burma, Myanmar. Shops Near Mahamuni Temple

Mandalay, Burma, Myanmar. Zedgyo Market

Yangon, Burma, Myanmar. Streets.

They grow up immersed in the family business so that, as soon as they are able, it will be natural for them to segue into playing their own part in the business, as these children do.

Yangon, Burma, Myanmar. Scotts Market. Child selling in jewelry area of market.