A Taste of Italy – Post 8: Florence: Essentially Italian but with a Unique Flavor

Florence should be just another Italian city, but it’s not. Imposing classic buildings rise above narrow streets – check.

Gorgeously detailed churches – check.

But there is still a different feel here from other Italian cities. I spent less than 24 hours so I am no expert, but I did get some strong first impressions.

The main impression? In Rome, you can feel Roman times but Florence evokes medieval times.

Florence is truly an arts city. Artistic details were everywhere, both large

and small.

So many sculptures –

stories in stone!

There was gorgeous elaborate detailing. These are details from one of Florence’s most famous buildings, The Duomo.

On side note, the series Medici: Masters of Florence is an immersion in Florence’s medieval essence. Watching this Duomo under construction and seeing buildings that look like many still standing in the old part of the city is amazing.

Even the street music was artistic; most of the street musicians played classical music.

The building materials are different. Buildings were made of stone, as in Rome, but they were big blocks, rather than the smaller stone blocks or bricks seen in Rome. They are earth-toned and weathered-worn. The presumably-local stone has a distinct coloration.

We spent the evening with relatives.

After a great meal, they took us on an evening walk along the river.

It was too brief a stay, we will have to return – especially after what happened next.

When I returned to our room that night, I noticed something weird and wrong. We ended up having to cut our trip short to rush back home. If you’ve been in touch, you know the story and thanks for your support and good wishes. (If you’re a friend who hasn’t been in touch, maybe it’s time for you to reconnect . . . )

Recreating this special trip in word-and-image has been a special and personal labor – thanks for reading!