A Taste of Italy – Post 5: Walking Winding Streets in Old Rome

New day,  new location in  Rome! The entry to our room was through a sweet garden area. 

The room was simple and impeccably clean

with a luxurious bathroom.

There was a small seating area with a table outside the door with this view of the garden. We ate here or just sat and relaxed.

We were now southwest of the city with easy bus access into the center of the city – at least once you figured out the weird rules of the bus system.

We crossed the Tiber on our way into the dense part of the city.

There are grand views of Rome, usually loaded with tourists, which we checked out quickly.

However, I was more intrigued by the quiet streets of old Rome. Walking its winding and narrow streets was a step back in time.

We walked on one out-of-the-way street named Via Gulia where we saw street views that made the feel of early Rome come alive –

– except for the sight of antennae and satellite dishes on top of ancient buildings.

Narrow streets, almost alleys, were lined with tall stone or stucco buildings.

Residences high above street level often had cozy terraces, sometimes with plants and flowers.

Cobblestone walkways also contributed to the old-Rome feeling on Via Gulia. (I imagine they are quite a challenge for women in high heels, by the way.)

Another contributing factor to the old-Rome feeling was the age and variety of doors. They were so striking I was drawn to photograph them almost every few steps.

There were many old doors, of course, weathered yet grand.

There were new doors and impeccably renovated doors, but they were still true to the old-Rome style.

Doors could be small and private

or large – meant to inspire awe when entering. The psychology of a grand entrance was well-understood by the ancient Romans.

The buildings were so tall and numerous that it was easy to miss beautiful small details unless I remembered to stop and look for them.

Who needs a doorbell with a door knocker like this that probably echoes through the house?

Statues are just not an American thing, but they sure are in Rome. A statue could be right in front of you

or emerging out of raw stone above an entrance,

or up in an out of the way place.

These are just a few of the treasures found on little side streets in Rome!