A Taste of Italy – Post 4: Off the Beaten Path in Rome Neighborhoods

We began each day in our neighborhood with an artful cappuccino and a pastry in a local cafe/bar. Cafes here (especially in the suburbs or on side streets – not in tourist areas) often fill a variety of needs. They are not just for breakfast! You could stop in for an afternoon espresso and maybe a sandwich. In the evening drop by for a drink from one of the wine or liquor bottles on shelves above the coffeemakers.

From the terrace of the livable sculpture, we could see buildings tucked into the tree-covered hills. We decided we needed to explore the neighborhood.

We saw that this neighborhood had grand single homes.

There were also apartment buildings. They were well placed in treed areas. It seemed everyone had their own terrace to sit on and look out over the Roman hills.

A cat sat in the middle of the road

in front of a magnificent house, pink and stark against a steel gray sky.

There was an understated lemon beauty

and cozy cats, making an entrance look homey.

But this is the one I really wanted to live in!

It was our last day at the livable sculpture. As the sign on the door says, it truly is, “The light elation of substance”.

That night, we had our last meal with the relatives in Rome. It included a lovely salad of arugula, bresaola, and parmesean cheese shavings.

We were very comfortable with them by now – communicating in English and Italian, using hands and our phones.

However, it was not our last meal with them, as Aurelia and Claudia will be traveling to New York in a few months!