Kindergarten Day USA and China

Charlesbridge Publishing 

What is a kindergarten day in China like? Just how different is it from an American kindergarten day? Read this book that visits two classrooms on the opposite sides of the world and see! Yes, the Chinese children use chopsticks and learn to read using both Chinese characters and American ABC’s but both kindergarten days are surprisingly similar. And because this is a flip-me-over book, it’s extra fun to read.

Review from The Boston Globe:
"Kindergarten Day USA and China shows a typical kindergarten day in the two countries. It gives insight into both lands, forward and back — literally, since the book switches halfway through and may be turned upside down, a gentle play on the fact that 'the People’s Republic of China is about halfway around the world from the United States of America'.

The book begins in Schenectady, N.Y., at 9 a.m. (with a clock on each page reminding us it’s 12 hours later in China). Teachers and friends greet each other, and the school day moves forward with songs, reading, art, a trip outside, lunchtime, a birthday party, recess, and learning to tell time. At 3 p.m., school ends and it’s time to flip the book to China.

In Beijing, the lao shi, or teacher, greets her children with big hugs. They read books in Chinese and English, and the rest of the day is much the same as in New York, complete with birthday party, art, and recess. Ellen Senisi’s many bright colored photos, both large and small, bring the two worlds vividly to life, showing subtle differences and remarkable similarities. Books like this build important bridges; part of the proceeds go to the Global Fund for Children.”

This book was done in collaboration with children’s book author Trish Marx.

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