Just Kids

Dutton Children’s Books

Just Kids is a 40-page photo-illustrated hardcover picture book appropriate for children in grades two through six. Cindy, a fourth grade student, hurts the feelings of a girl with special needs and so is assigned to spend some time in her classroom. Cindy sees what activities go on here and learns about the very different conditions these children have (including Down Syndrome, autism, learning disabilities, ADHD, and epilepsy). The book was photographed in a real classroom for children with special needs and was written to answer questions and promote understanding in today’s increasingly mainstreamed schools.

Just Kids was recognized as a Notable Children’s Trade Book in Social Studies by the National Council of Social Studies and the Children’s Book Council. It was also designated one of the Best Books of the Year for 1998 in the Special Interest Category by the Children’s Book Committee at Bank Street College.

From the starred review in Booklist 
“A sensitive, informative book that immerses us in a world that many of us know little about.” 

Hardover price: $16.99
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