France Post 6 – Relaxing, French Style - in a Vineyard

Now it was time to totally relax French style: in a vineyard in the south of France. This was waiting for me upon arrival at O'Vineyards in Villemoustaussou.

O'Vineyards is a working vineyard with vines, wine, and superb food.

The style of the lodgings is elegant French

with classic furniture and tasteful artworks. I was totally delighted!

I sipped the welcome glass of wine on my little terrace. The peaceful sounds of a few birds and a breeze were a stark contrast to Paris. Yes, this is France, too.

A group of guests arrived just for dinner but not to stay. We got a tour of how wine is processed and stored.

then shared a delicious meal together.

The guests were from Ireland and we had a wonderful time together. Their family roots are in a town about 5 miles from where my mother’s family came in the 1800s. Plans for a future visit are in the works.

I spent 3 lovely days photographing vines in different light at the top of this sunny, breezy hill.

It was pleasurable to be soaking up nature again after the time spent in cities and towns, both the big views and little gems.

I also spent the three lovely days eating some of the best food ever!

I was invited to go to the store with the chef, Liz. She purchased items for dinner and also stocked up on fresh bread and eggs – the eggs had been laid that morning.

Breakfast with delicious bread, pastry, and coffee was eaten outside.

Dinner was served in the lovely dining room.

There were always tasty appetizers before dinner and – of course – wine.

And scrumptious desserts!

I watched Liz prepare dinner on my last day.

And then thoroughly enjoyed another delectable dinner!

A special thanks to my very hospitable hosts, Liz and Joe O'Connell, of O'Vineyards in Villemoustaussou.

It’s been decades since I was first fascinated by France. When I finally got to experience it, it did not let me down. I collected many memories – and I will be back.