A Taste of Italy – Post 2: Roaming in Rome

Out in the streets of Rome, we just walked and soaked up their unique Rome-flavor

its busy streets

and its quiet streets;

its buildings,

and their cool details – little terraces,

stonework, or sculptures.

Don’t forget to look up!

There were fountains

and there was food

and sweet restaurants and cool cafes.

A note about women’s clothing styles here: the vast majority of Italian women I saw wore either black leggings or tight, straight-leg jeans – and they were many more leggings than jeans.

No one I saw wore patterned leggings, which made me stand out as American on the days I wore those.

But even when I wore black leggings, like everyone else, I did not quite blend in. Italians recognized me as American and initiated conversations in English. They most often asked what city I came from and, when I said, “New York”, their faces lit up and they replied they wanted to go there soon, or else they had been there and loved it.

So many of their ancestors have contributed to making America what it is today that they feel a bond with Americans.

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